Electronic Asset disposition

The continuing evolution of our digital lifestyles is both exciting and worrisome.  Regardless of the location or the specific technology, all users of electronic devices leave a digital shadow. Whether it is the information created and shared on a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop, or the raw (and usually toxic) materials used to manufacturer those electronic devices, every individual is now creating future personal and environmental liability through their conduct and use of digital equipment.

The number of incidents of identity theft continues to grow, and the fines for allowing information to be released, even if unintentional or accidental, continues to grow too. Whether working to ensure HIPAA or Hi-Tech Act compliance, or simply trying to do the right thing for future generations, the need for controlling the data on digital devices, and the responsibility of ensuring those devices are disposed of properly, is just as important as locking the house before leaving.

Fortunately, we can offer full and complete life-cycle management of your electronic assets. We will address this hidden and forgotten liability by cleansing devices of data, transferring ownership and liability of devices to another entity, and ensure responsible disposal of devices to preserve your environment.